Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Vietnamese Sweet Taho (Tofu) with Ginger Syrup

When I am locked out of the chamber of sleep, I move from beside my drowsing dog deep under the covers, and make my way to my fridge, to eat Vietnamese sweet taho ( tofu), glacial white, softer than ice-cream, nourishing like nursery pap, dressed with floating treads of ginger in an accompanying syrup, to feed the pit of my stomach, awakened because of fractured dreams and dislodged thoughts.


Anonymous said...

This dessert looks really good and lite too! Hope to try it sometime at your place. I'm bookmarking this site for sure, thanks for putting it together! Hil

Yvonne said...

Hi Hil,

So good to see you here. Read the post about rad nah. You have a mention there!